Cave Escape

About Us

About Us...

Welcome to Cave Escape!

Cave Escape is the newest addition to Nottingham's amazing escape room scene. Based within a unique site - a sandstone cave system once used as cellars; we aim to bring you some seriously immersive escape games, jam-packed full of riveting twists and turns, conundrums and puzzles!


With a range of themes that cleverly utilise our spaces, you will find something that tickles everyone's fancy. We opened our doors with our first room in June 2018 and we'll have a further three under construction throughout 2018/19 bringing the total to four, potentially this space!

Will we be given clues?

Our super games masters will give your team a strong briefing before you begin, however, if your team needs clues along the way, the rooms may give you some hints!


How does it work?


Your team will be welcomed into our 19th Century Gentlemen's Lounge (Gentlewomen are most graciously welcomed too of course!) where you will be met by one of our team and taken to your briefing area before making your descent, below street level, to your chosen room. Once inside your room you will behold the wonders that await you and... the clock starts. Teams have one hour to work together to solve the room's puzzles and conquer the cryptic tasks that lay ahead of you. Will you make your escape?...Remember, things are not always what they seem!